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These last couple of days have been rough for me, but there’s no rainbow without a little rain! So I thought what’s the best thing in my life and what will make me happy – Blogging! Here’s a very special set of pictures that I’m happy to share with you.

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Who would’ve thought that you can feel like a superstar wearing.. sneakers?! We are talking about the timeless and badass Adidas Superstar, of course. It’s a story about how I like to cheat and not wear high heels..



Attending a fashion show will always be so exciting as it was when I got this opportunity for the first time, a few years back. Last week I had the chance to discover Alexandra Calafeteanu’s new collection – REBORN, Fall – Winter 2016 – 2017. Discover with me the details of a glam night!



Dear reader, thank you for being here again. It’s time for another episode of “How I style the timeless Adidas Superstar”.  Check it out <3



Whenever I see a little ray of sunshine, I look for my sunnies, my sunscreen & a hat aaand… I don’t stop ’til I see the beach! But no, not yet.. Please tell me I’m not the only one craving the beach babe look right now. The good news is..guys, we can still manage to survive this hard time!

Fashion Travel


Today I’m taking you on a trip to Milan! We had an amazing time visiting the iconic streets of this gorgeous city and meeting some of our dear friends. Of course.. the best part of Italy – pasta, good wine and tons of gelato.

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