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Aah, Paris.. can’t always find your words to describe it, you can only feel it. Birthday article in Paris

It was my second time visiting Paris and my second Paris Fashion Week at the same time. Aaand my second birthday spent in Paris. Can’t complain!

I always felt like I had a bond with this city. Maybe it’s because I cry like a baby when I see the Eiffel Tower, it has such a huge impact on me. Paris compliments my personality, my style, my feelings.. It’s about (long) coffee breaks with your Eiffel Tower right in front of you, glasses of wine shared with friends and endless walks on its streets full of history, art, museums and some kind of energy that’s so good to me.. It inspires me day by day. Wouldn’t mind sipping wine all day long, reading poetry and talking about Baudelaire or Proust. As much as I love the sea, the palm trees and the French Riviera overall, Paris is kinda like a soul sister.

But drinking wine was not my main business in Paris (half true). I went there with my partner in crime Claudine – She’s as bold as me and we made a good team on the streets of Paris! Paris Fashion Week was waiting for us. And as always, anything is possible and this city knows exactly what I need. The magic of Paris was, as always, present.

Only in Paris photographers stop you on the street and ask if they can take a picture of you and your outfit, strangers give you compliments (the best ones are from strangers in my opinion), you make friends and contacts from the fashion world, you go to fashoin shows in sick locations around town… and you get extra chocolate in cafes.

I have only received a few of my PFW Street Style pictures – the photographers were nice enough to take my email and some of them sent me the captures. I will definitely update you when I get the rest!

My outfit this year was vintage, effortless and relaxed. I received so many compliments on my jeans and jacket! They’re both from ZARA.

Thanks to Alin Galatescu, we had the amazing chance to attend the YDE Copenhagen fashion show at the Westin Paris! The location took my breath away, as well as the whole collection. Me and Claudine had to pinch ourselves several times (We also jumped on the bed, hugged and danced after we found out, shh) during the show to wake up, it was such an unbelievable experience to be a part of a historical moment. Off-shoulder dresses, pinks, black&white, ruffles, high-necks, vitorian ruffle collars, metallic details, floral elements – they all sum up some of the latest trends and to-die-for pieces that were all found on the catwalk this season. All I can say is that I AM OBSESSED.

You can see the whole collection here, I definitely recommend to take a look, it’s the perfect representation of the latest trends:


All I can hope is that I will have again the chance to see the pieces of art next season at PFW.

I would be so curious to find out which is your favorite catwalk look so make sure to leave me a comment!

Thank you for reading and now I will let you enjoy the pictures!

See you soon on Stephanize ♥



First pictures at 19 years old, captured by the amazing Eric Francelle in Place Vendome

Definitely my favorite portraits of all time




Picture by Brice Dossin during fashion week on Montaigne



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