♥ Today’s Goal: BECOME A TANNED GODDESSMission accepted! Keep reading to find out my secrets for a flawless fake tan. At the end of the article I promise you’ll become a tanned goddess that glows in the dark.

When your skin is as white as a piece of paper, you start thinking of every possible solution on planet Earth in order to bring some color back in your dear skin. This is how I discovered the blessing of a good self tan. Can’t say that I’ve tried all the products on the market – honestly, often I would choose a cheap self tanner because since you have to apply it enevly on your whole body, you buy a bottle today and tomorrow it’s already empty. A good tan gives me confidence and can hide any perfect imperfections on our bodies. 

Lately, I decided to try something new. It’s quality over quantity and oh, what a difference it makes! It’s time to indulge a little guilty pleasure. Your skin will scream a huge thank you.

The game changed when I got my little fingers for the first time on the precious Vita Liberata products. Love at first sight – they are so luxurious, high quality, even before you get to try the actual product. Inside that glam, precious, gold, glittery, shiny bottle you will find a bigger treasure. What I appreciate sososo much about these products is that most of the ingredients are natural – plus you get a non toxic, paraben free tan, with no alcohol and no perfume. 

 Vita Liberata is very appreciated by stars like Ellie Goulding, Sofia Vergara, Rita Ora, Gwyneth Paltrow etc and you could read about these life changing products in magazines like Grazia, Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle or Vogue. Cool, isn’t it? Check out all the Vita Liberata products available in the Sephora Romania shop here


Marula Huile Autobronzante Spf 50 – It’s a self tan dry oil that I ADORE – This Self Tan Dry Oil delivers a luxurious, instant bronze skin finish and a radiant, even skintone. Perfect to apply while on vacation – forget about the aging and burning effects of the sun with the SPF 50. I’m ready for anything!  This self tanner gave me a natural glowing tan that is buildable and long lasting. The skin looks fresh and luminous and the effect lasts for up to two weeks, while I even exfoliate 2 times a week. It glides on the skin so easily, it has a sheer tint so you can easily see where you’ve applied it and it won’t make you feel greasy, even though it has beneficial oils (Amen to that!). The spicy price is so justified and I would save my money just to buy this little guy whenever I need.


  • Before you apply the fake tan, make sure you gently exfoliate your skin (I have an amazing trick on how to naturaly exfoliate in this previous article here.). Patchy, dry skin just won’t be happy with a faux glow. The Vita Liberata Self tanner Marula Huile Autobronzante Spf 50 has all the properties to hydrate your skin as you fake tan, just like a regular moisturizer.
  • Pay some extra attention to wrists, elbows, ankles, knees and feet – these areas are more dry and could leave you some stains – to avoid having a patchy self tan, apply a little moisturizer on these areas.
  • Orange tinted palms – I think we are all guilty of that, at least the first times we ever fake tanned (no? Am I the only one.. ?!) ooh, say goodbye to that! Vita Liberata even has a tanning glove (check that out by clicking on the link to the sephora website) – When you’re done, remove the glove and use cotton pads to apply a small amount of tan to the back of your hands for an even tan. If you don’t have a tanning glove, do not be discouraged! Wash your hands after the applications and blend the product on the back of your hand. Voila! Good to go!


Vita liberata Trystal™ Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals – Glowy, luminous looks are my absolute go-to during the summer days. This bronzer from Vita Liberata is the world’s first self-tanning bronzer because it provides a subtle, lasting tan even after you wash-off all of your makeup at the end of the day. The natural bronzed effect suits all skintones and can be used to contour or provide a natural, pretty, healthy glow. It comes with a perfect kabuki brush for a perfect blend. This product is vegan and cruelty-free (!!) with no gluten or oil, which makes it safe to use every day. It has won numerous industry awards including a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award, OK! Beauty Award, and Shape Beauty Award, and we can clearly see why – the effect is so natural and long lasting. 

These two products changed my routine in my self tanning game and I will not replace them in the near future. What about you? Do you fake tan? Do you have any tips and tricks? Which are your favorite products? Tell me in the comments ♥



The Vita Liberata’s Official website

Vita Liberata at Sephora Romania

Vita LiberataTrystal™ Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals—poudre-minerale-autobronzante-p2168004.html

VITA LIBERATA Marula Huile Autobronzante Spf 50














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