Aaah, makeup.. An endless love affair! In this post I will share with you my absolute makeup must-haves to look flawless while running around during the day!

Nothing can ruin our flawless makeup that we’ve worked on for hours before stepping out the door.

I like to think of women as real life superheroes as we carry around with us in our mysterious huge bags a whole LIFE. Men are always looking at our bag collection with confusion and misunderstanding – they will never understand why we have so many bags in the first place in all shapes and forms. I like bags that are versatile and easy to wear, big enough to store everything and comfortable to carry around. Well, there’s indeed an utility in having so many pieces to choose from. Bags are totally the modern woman’s best friends and we can do magic with what’s hiding inside that gold zipper lock.

I love being all prepped up, with all those living essentials that I can use whenever I fell like on the go. We have it all – agendas, books, tissues, lipsticks (one color is not enough), maybe a pair of flats. Having these things with me makes me feel secure, knowing that no matter what the day can bring I’m ready for the fight – what if you meet your greatest enemy and you want to look hella good? Throw on some more lipstick and those accessories that you keep in your bag apparently for no reason – now it’s their turn.

When it comes to makeup it’s no different – I love having with me a little something to touch up during the day jut in case the natural conditions mess with me and my work of art – you can’t let the high temperatures smudge your eyeliner that stole 30 minutes of your day.

Organisation is key – I keep my makeup essentials in a pouch so they don’t mix with the other 197383 stuff that I have – imagine searching for a iny lipstick in a sea of random things! This blue & white pouch from Marc Jacobs makes me think of the sea, because of this marinière colors I guess.




*You will find the link to all the products mentionned at the end of this article*



A blush, a matifyng powder, a bronzer, mascara, lipstick and a highlighter.

  • For blush, I love using Bourjois – it’s not so easy to go hardcore and have super red cheeks as if you’ve just seen your crush, I can apply this fast fast fast on the go.
  • For a little bit of a subtle scent I carry around in my bag this adorable black and pink pouch from Victoria’s secret and a tiny perfume – right now I’m in love with TEASE – so feminine and fresh!


  • As you may know, I’m a huge fan of The Balm’s Mary LouManizer! I love to have this in my bag and add a little bit of a healthy glow to my cheeck bones during the day.
  • Long lasting lipsticks have to be one of my absolute faves things on the planet. I have this one from Sleek – It lasts pretty well on the lips but this dark shade applies a little bit patchy – perhaps you would want to try a lighter shade.
  • Mascaraa ♥ Perversion from Urban Decay is hands down my favorite in the whole universe. It makes my eyelashes long and fab and they don’t look heavy. This mascara is a blessing. The travel size it’s a dream to have in your quick life saving pouch.
  • Last, but not least, here comes my new Holy Grail. The bronzer from Vita Liberata is such a must. It is loose mineral bronzing powder that creates a tan lasting up to five days—the world’s first self-tanning bronzer. This product is vegan and cruelty-free, and does not contain gluten or oil. It has won numerous industry awards including a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award, OK! Beauty Award, and Shape Beauty Award. Definitely won an award form me too. We will talk about this powder and some more Vita Liberata tanning goodies in my next post! Stay tuned.






What are your makeup must haves? Do you touch up your makeup during the day? Tell me in the comment below ♥ Thanks for stopping by!

♥Makeup products mentionned: 


Healthy Balance – Poudre Compacte Unifiante

VITA LIBERATA – Poudre Minerale Autobronzante

Perversion Mascara

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick

Makeup bag: Marc by Marc Jabobs from

♥Sondra Roberts bag with a Bamboo Handle:

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